Carbon Neutral Order

Carbon Neutral Order

1 Aluminum Handle + 3 Brush Heads
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  • 100% Recyclable

We use EcoCart to offset the carbon from our shipping.

EcoCart directs the carbon offset funds to certified carbon offset projects like planting trees or building wind farms.

The funds collected go to carbon offset projects that are truly additive (meaning new), permanent, and without unintended consequences (i.e., creating more carbon elsewhere, like a game of Whack-a-Mole).

Their projects are independently certified to internationally recognized standards. In addition to the carbon reduction, we pride ourselves on the fact that all of our projects include an element of social good such as protecting an endangered species of animal, or creating local jobs.

Our Guarantee – If you’re not completely satisfied with your order, return it within 30 days and we’ll refund your money 😁. 

Lifetime Warrantee – If you have a problem with your toothbrush, we'll make it right.

Nada brush heads and bristles are 100% recyclable. Please return your used ones in the pre-addressed envelope included with your order. We send them to be recycled into plastic pellets. ♻️ Learn More

A toothbrush worth owning

Nada started with an idea: Why throw out the handle? So we designed an infinitely recyclable aluminum handle you keep, and brush heads we take back to be recycled.

Gold Nada sustainable toothbrush handle in a hand with the brush head being removed
Pink, Silver and Ocean blue Nada toothbrushes on a counter with a cup and a towel
Designed to shine

Our silky smooth handles lay flat and don’t collect old toothpaste or germs. Plus, the elevated brush head keeps any yuckies away from your bristles.

Share 4, Get 4

Refer four friends and we’ll send you four free brush heads—enough to last a year. Nothing like free (eco-friendly) stuff, am I right?

Nada 4 pack of recyclable replacement toothbrush heads

How to Nada

Step 1

Order a sleek, sustainable Nada toothbrush and you’re set for the first nine months.

Step 2

Subscribe to get fresh brush heads delivered every year. Or replenish as needed. Easy peasy.

Step 3

Sign up for our free replacement reminder emails and never brush with old germs again.

To date, our customers have prevented more than 60,000 disposable toothbrushes from ending up in our landfill or oceans.