Lime Green Kids Nada Toothbrush – eco-friendly metal handle with 3 replacement toothbrush heads
Pink Kids Nada Toothbrush – eco-friendly metal handle with 3 replacement toothbrush heads
Blue Kids Nada Toothbrush – eco-friendly metal handle with 3 replacement toothbrush heads
Red Kids Nada Toothbrush – eco-friendly metal handle with 3 replacement toothbrush heads

Kids Nada Toothbrush

1 Aluminum Handle + 3 Brush Heads

Regular price$20.00

Big smiles for little people – Meet the new Nada toothbrush for kids—the same premium, eco-friendly toothbrush, only smaller. Start your child off with a clean, sustainable Nada toothbrush.

👶 Ages 2+.

    1 Aluminum Handle + 3 Brush Heads
    • Rinses clean—no toothpaste or bacteria buildup
    • Lays flat—won’t roll over
    • Soft tapered bristles, for a gentler, deeper clean
    • Elevated Brush heads won’t touch dirty surfaces

    Our Guarantee – If you’re not completely satisfied with your order, return it within 30 days and we’ll refund your money 😁. 

    Lifetime Warranty – If you have a problem with your toothbrush, we'll make it right.

    Please return your Nada brush heads in the pre-addressed envelope included with your order. We send them to be recycled into plastic pellets. ♻️ Learn More

    Nada handles are made of infinitely recyclable aluminum.

    A scientific study ranked Nada‘s design as the most eco-friendly toothbrush on earth. Learn more.

    kids nada toothbrush
    Eco friendly smiles

    Billions of disposable plastic toothbrushes are thrown away every year, sitting in landfills for centuries.

    Nada’s kids toothbrush is an aluminum handle you keep, and brush heads we take back and have recycled.

    Little smiles. No waste.

    Red kids Nada metal toothbrush handle with 3 replacement brush heads
    Nada kids eco friendly blue toothbrush with replacement brush heads on a counter with toothpaste tablets
    redefining clean
    Bye-bye bacteria

    Kids are messy. Their little toothbrushes collect old toothpaste and germs in no time.

    Nada’s smooth metal handle rinses clean, dries quickly and doesn’t roll over when you put it down.

    Give your kids a clean start and end to the day with an ultra hygienic Nada toothbrush.

    Soft, premium bristles
    Gentle. Clean.

    Nada’s tapered bristles reach up to six times deeper along the gums and almost twice as deep between teeth. Perfect for bright little smiles.

    Plus, our built-in tongue scraper teaches them good habits early.

    Child brushing with a lime green kids Nada eco-friendly toothbrush with a metal handle and replacement toothbrush heads
    Red, blue and green Nada kids eco friendly toothbrushes laying flat on a counter
    subscribe & save
    Affordable. Always on hand.

    Subscribe and for as little as $3 each, you’ll have a years worth of fresh, clean brush heads delivered right to your door.

    We even remind you to replace them on time. Even our packaging is 100% paper—no plastic.

    nothing wasted
    How are my brush heads recycled?

    Every order includes a self-addressed envelope. Toss in your old brush heads and send them to us at the end of the year.

    We pay a commercial recycler to turn them into plastic pellets, which are then sold for use in other products.

    Nada toothbrush head being put into an envelope to be recycled
    Nada eco-friendly toothbrush vs disposables
    the toothbrush 2.0
    It’s a no brainer

    Go ahead and compare Nada’s sustainable toothbrush design with plastic disposables.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Kelly U.
    Loving our new brushes!

    I recently ordered Nada brushes for my husband, 2 kids and myslef. We are all absolutely loving them! The weight of the handle is great, they look awesome and work well! We are very very happy with them and would recommend for anyone to give them a try! Feels wonderful knowing we are not adding to the ever growing plastic pollution problem!

    Renata (.
    Love it (specially for kids)

    My 6 y.o used to chew his toothbrushes resulting in 1 toothbrush in the garbage every 2 weeks. That is, until we find out Nada’s ones. We have been using Nada’s toothbrush for 3 weeks now and he loves it so much he didn’t start to chew it! That’s twice a win for the environment.

    Colleen M.
    Surprisingly Awesome

    I never imagined that I could love a toothbrush so much. My teeth feel as clean as they did with my electric brush. Also, I don't know why but I love the weigh of the brush in my hands. I love that it doesn't roll over....I just love it.


    Ordered it for my little neighbor and he loves it.


    Handle feels great. Bristles do give that great just from the dentist clean!

    How to Nada

    Nada toothbrush includes convenient free shipping to your home
    Step 1

    Order a sleek, sustainable Nada toothbrush and you’re set for the first nine months.

    Nada toothbrush comes with a recycling program for our replacement toothbrush heads
    Step 2

    Subscribe to get fresh brush heads delivered every year. Or replenish as needed. Easy peasy.

    Nada toothbrush is a zero plastic waste eco friendly toothbrush
    Step 3

    Save money and the planet. Our brush heads cost less than disposables and don’t end up polluting the planet.

    Kids Nada Toothbrush Heads

    Regular price$20.00

    Perfectly gentle for little mouths – Nada’s soft, tapered bristles are 17x slimmer at the tip than most disposables, for a gentle clean that’s not abrasive. Plus, the built-in tongue scraper will set them up for a lifetime of good oral care.

    Starting at only $3 each. Includes a return envelope for easy recycling. Sustainable smiles for kids ages 2+ 👶

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    Join the Revolution

    To date, our amazing customers have prevented more than 137,908 disposable toothbrushes from ending up in our landfill or oceans. We’re just getting started.