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Q. What happened to Grin toothbrush?

A. Grin toothbrush was renamed to Nada toothbrush in July, 2022. The product underwent some upgrades but is essentially the same.

Q. Are Grin toothbrush head compatible with Nada?

A. They are not. The design of the connection is different. If you have a Grin toothbrush, then you can buy replacement toothbrush heads here.

Q. Will you continue selling Grin toothbrush heads?

A. Yes! We intend to keep selling Grin brush heads for as long as there is demand.

Q. What is Nada toothbrush?

A. Nada is a premium quality, eco-friendly, manual toothbrush featuring an aluminum handle you keep and replacement brush heads you return to be recycled. Nada was founded by Simon Cooper, who wanted to make a better toothbrush while reducing plastic waste.

Q. Do kids Nada toothbrushes fit in adult handles?

A. Yes. The connection size for both kids and adult toothbrushes are the same. People who prefer a smaller sized toothbrush head can order the kids to use with their existing handle. 

Q. What are the dimensions of Nada toothbrush heads?


Q. What are the benefits of using Nada toothbrush?

A. There are several:

1 – Using Nada means contributing less plastic to landfill and our natural environment. Our replacement brush heads use 3 grams of plastic each, while the average disposable toothbrush weighs ~25 grams each. Keeping the handle and only replacing the brush heads means less resources are being produced, manufactured and shipped. ♻️ Plus, we recycle our used brush heads at TerraCycle, a commercial recycler (more on this below).

2 – Nada uses premium quality, tapered bristles (also known as 'floss-tip' bristles) that penetrate 17% deeper than most drugstore brands. This means cleaner teeth and a healthier smile.

One of the easiest ways to prevent gum disease is by replacing your toothbrush regularly. This is why Nada sends you replacement reminders to replace your toothbrush head every 3 months.

Q. How does the brush head recycling work?

A. We provide a self-addressed envelope in each order. At the end of the year (or when you need to order more toothbrush heads) you simply put your used brush heads in the envelope and mail it to us. We collect and send the brush heads to TerraCycle to be 100% recycled and resold. Both the plastic brush head and the bristles are recycled.

Q. How do I cancel my subscription?

A. It's easy—either log in or create an account on this page. (Note: If you have trouble logging in, it’s probably because you don't have an account. Simply click on the text under the log in fields to create one.) 

Once you are logged in, you can pause, skip orders, change the dates and quantities, or cancel your subscription.

If you need help, send an email to: hello@trynada.com and we will help you.

Q. My brush head is too tight / too loose.

A. The brush heads are meant to fit snugly into the handle and not come out during brushing. Once inserted, there shouldn't be a gap between the brush head and handle.

To remove a used brush head, pull hard on the brush head directly away from the handle. Insert your new brush head by pushing it into the handle until it is tight. 

We guarantee Grin and Nada toothbrushes – so if you continue to have problems, please contact us at hello@trynada.com

Q. What's the difference between Nada and a regular plastic toothbrush?

A. Nada is a two-piece toothbrush. The aluminum handle is guaranteed for life, so you only need to replace the toothbrush heads. Plus, Nada’s brush heads are recyclable. Almost all disposable toothbrushes fuse several plastics together, making them non-recyclable.

Q. What is the handle made of? 

A. Nada’s handle is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight, durable and safe to use. Aluminum is also infinitely recyclable, meaning it can be used over and over without losing quality. 

Because aluminum is so light, it means less energy is needed for shipping. The colour is an anodized finish, which is NOT paint or powder coating. Anodization means the colour is bonded to the metal using an electrochemical process that’s durable, corrosion-resistant and safe. 

Q. Is the aluminum Nada toothbrush handle recyclable? If so, how do I recycle it?

 A. Yes, aluminum is infinitely recyclable without losing quality. In fact, it's one of the most recycled materials on earth. Nada toothbrush handles can be put in your municipal blue box.

Q. What is the brush head made of?

A. The brush heads are made of Polypropylene, which is safe for oral use and 100% recyclable. Our bristles are made of nylon. They’re special, soft tapered bristles, which penetrate 17% deeper between your teeth than regular bristles.

Q. Where can I buy brush heads?

A. Nada toothbrushes are available in these stores

Q. Why do you claim Nada collects fewer germs?

A. Unlike drug store toothbrushes, Nada’s handle and brush heads are smooth—no ridges and grooves for ‘grip’—meaning nowhere for germs and bacteria to accumulate. Don’t believe us? Take a look at a plastic toothbrush that is a few months old. See all that white gunk in the grooves? That's a lovely mix of old toothpaste, saliva and bacteria. 

Plus, Nada is flat on the bottom so when you put it down it doesn’t roll over and expose the bristles to germs found on bathroom surfaces. 

Q. What happens if I scratch my Nada handle?

Don’t worry! We call that character. Because the handle is anodized, you don't have to worry about paint or chemicals, however if you find your handle has been scratched, rinse it well to make sure no aluminum chips are left on the handle or in the bristles.