Soft Nada Toothbrush Heads

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Smiles guaranteed – With bristles that are 17x slimmer at the tip and a built-in tongue scraper, your smile will be healthier than ever. Made in 🇨🇦

What’s included:

  • Soft, dentist-approved bristles
  • Tapered “floss-tip” bristles for a deeper clean
  • Elevated brush heads won’t touch dirty surfaces
  • Built-in tongue scraper
  • Return your used brush heads to be 100% recycled

Our Guarantee – If you have a problem with your toothbrush heads, we'll make it right.

Nada brush heads and bristles are 100% recyclable. Please return your used ones in the pre-addressed envelope included with your order. We send them to be recycled into plastic pellets. ♻️ Learn More

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Happy teeth, happy dentist

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Woman smiling using a Gold Nada toothbrush
Nada toothbrush heads
Nothing but smiles

Nada brush heads use ~90% less plastic than disposables. Return them in the self-addressed envelope to be completely recycled.

earth friendly

A scientific study ranked Nada‘s design as the most eco-friendly toothbrush on earth. Learn more.

Gold Nada handle with a recyclable plastic brush head being removed and an icon stating
Nada 4 pack of recyclable replacement toothbrush heads
Share 4, get 4

Refer four friends and we’ll send you four free brush heads—enough to last a year. Nothing like free (eco-friendly) stuff, am I right?

Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews

Very pleased about this product. The bristles are soft and I love the tongue scraper at the back.

Scotty M.
please don't go out of business

I really like this toothbrush. I like the weight of the handle and it feels like, similar to a safety razor, that the weight of the handle does a lot of the work. I like that the handle will last forever and can eventually be recycled with other metals. I like that the manufacturing has moved to Canada even if the price has to up a bit. I hope that the company stays around so that I can get my old brush heads recycled and hopefully get new ones for a long time. I just found out there is a new child size and boy have we gone through so many kids toothbrushes. I plan to keep using it and my dentist approves of it too!

Love it still after 6 months

Love these brushes, way better than what I was using at the grocery store. The heads last much longer as well, about twice as long as what I was using. At first, they worked so well that it caused increased sensitivity. I have sensitive teeth anyway and these took a while to adjust to because they clean deeper. I asked my dentist and they said I was not causing increased damage or recession, and that things look great. After about 2 months the sensitivity is gone and no problems.


I absolutely LOVE my Nada toothbrush. I am happy that it's a Canadian company and that I can send back my old toothbrush heads to be recycled. The soft heads work and feel great in my mouth. Highly recommend!


Love it

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To date, our customers have prevented more than 70,000 disposable toothbrushes from ending up in our landfill or oceans.