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Clean Teeth No Waste

Love my Nada toothbrush and love move that I'm not going to see my old toothbrush oh my favorite beach !!! Get onboard with Nada!!

Love this

So happy to have found this toothbrush

I didn’t give much thought to my toothbrush, until I thought about how long it takes for these things to breakdown. I started searching around and found this Nada toothbrush. It is functional, well designed, good for the environment and great to use. Thank you! My whole family has one now.

Love it!!

I love my Nada toothbrush, as does my husband! (He loves his own, that is, not mine LOL). The handle is sleek and pretty, with just enough weight to it, and the bristles are honestly just the right softness. The fact that they're so much better for the environment is a huge bonus!!

Brushing my teeth feels even more important now…

I bought new toothbrushes for myself, my husband and our son… loved that they had so many colors to choose from… love that it’s the least impactful way for us to brush… love that the company will recycle our brushes and the steel handle will live on and on in our home and not in a landfill. Thank you, Nada, for helping me make better environmental choices!

Excellent product and very helpful customer service! Thanks!!

Love my toothbrush

I have been using Nada for the last year and will not go back. The proof of the quality was during my two cleanings at the dentist since I started using Nada. There was no change noticed by the hygienist, and I avoided throwing away any part of my toothbrush to landfill. Very happy with the switch.

Love these toothbrushes and the company is awesome to work with! Great customer service! Highly recommend!

Minimalistic and great price, which I love.

best toothbrush ive had :)

eco friendlier & a good toothbrush, thanks!

Easiest switch I ever made from a 55 year habit

I loved my Oral-B toothbrushes but when
I read about the pure waste it is after 3-4 month use, I realized this was an opportunity for a change. Nada is a wonderful product and I don’t see ever going back. Love the replenishment and recycling, and the wonderful customer service. Highly recommend.

Ordered at the same time as the toothbrush. Love the fact that I will be able to return my used toothbrush heads for recycling. I was a little hesitant about the soft bristles but they are actually perfect and feel really good against the gums.

Love this toothbrush. The handle is just amazing and feels really good in your hand. Can't believe how much more comfortable it feels than traditional brushes. Fast shipping. Very happy!

Love them!!

Happy consumer

I juste like everything: The feeling of the handle in my hand. A little heavier than a regular toothbrush. Make brushing more acurate. And the softness of the bristles is just as soft as I need it. Not too soft for me . Of course, the main goal is the ecologic side of it. Couldn't be better.
The customer service is a little slow but nice and helpful. Just doing the best they can.

Nada Toothbrush
Angelica R.
They have a loyal customer

I have been using nada for over two years and still very happy with it.

I need very gentle bristles but my husband likes hard brushes and this toothbrush somehow satisfied us both!

I like that they remind you of changing the heads when it’s time.

Very good quality product.

Great product

Everyone in my family has a Nada brush. I love both the product and the reason for it. Great job, great customer service, keep up the good work of helping God's creation, nature.

Love the idea and am happy with my purchase.

Nada Toothbrush
Véronique D.
Love it!

Love the feel of the handle and the softness of the brush. It must be the sofest toothbrush I ever used :)

Love the concept but find the brush too soft.

Holding on to the metal handle just in case nada develop a firmer brush, the soft is not effective.

Thank you for the order and review N.E! We are about to launch new brush heads with medium bristles. Make sure you receive our emails as we will announce it there.

Nada Toothbrush
Amanda N.

not only is this toothbrush nice, it's good for the environment. The bristles are soft which is what the dentist ordered for receding gums. But I really like the weight of the brush handle and it's feel.


Nada Toothbrush

Love the weighted, easy-grip handle and the brushes are fantastic! The bristle shape cleans every little space between teeth & gumline! Perfect for areas with a crown where gumline is needed super clean, but without force. Fantastic toothbrush! Bought one for my husband too! Being able to return the used brush heads (in provided paper envelope) to recycle is fantastic idea. Well done Nada!!


Nada toothbrushes leave my teeth and mouth feeling much cleaner than other toothbrushes.

We love these! Great quality, and a great idea.