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I love my Nada toothbrush! The bristles are fabulous, and I love the recycle option. Thanks so much!

Amazing toothbrush

We have been using our Nada toothbrushes for just over two years and are extremely happy with them. The reusable handle is a perfect length and weight and the brush heads, while easy to remove, are very sturdy when inserted. We love that the heads are completely recyclable. We've gotten our adult kids hooked on Nada as well. Great for the environment, great for your dental health.


I’m very happy about the brush. Keep up the work!!!

Why I love the Nada 😊

Brilliant design. Best tooth brush I have ever used. It’s easy on my delicate gums and cleans so well between my teeth. And on top of all this, significant reduction in waste to help our environment!!!

Great product

Me and my partner love our new tooth brushes, very lightweight and durable

I love this toothbrush

I loved this toothbrush from the first use. The weight and the bristles are perfect. I love that I can change the brush head as necessary and not overuse the bristles because the are recyclable. I wound up buying one for my husband and my mom.

Great brush soft bristles

High Quality item. It has a really good feel in your hand. I originally bought one to help with waste. But no I prefer the nada over a disposable brush. It does a great job. And I think they look great. I have one on gold and dark green.

Feels good to not be wasting

I received my toothbrush and had a problem getting the head out of the handle. I broke it and sent a quick email for help. I was pleasantly surprised to be sent a second toothbrush with no questions asked. So far it's been great - I like using it and sturdy feel of the aluminum handle.
My only request would be that they offer a second set of brushheads with firmer bristles for those of us who like a little firmer option!

I absolutely love this toothbrush! I love the feel of it in my hand but I also think my teeth feel clean. I was super excited to order this tooth brush because of all of the environmentally friendly impacts this toothbrush has. I was a little let down by the shopping time but the company gave me 4 free heads for the delay! I have no complaints about this company other than they are going to make me bankrupt because I want to buy some for everyone I know.

Gentle and effective

Really like the cleaning that the gentle bristles provide. Love how easy it is to clean the handle.

Excellent toothbrush

My Grin Toothbrush is sleek, expensive feeling, soft bristled, and easy to change the head on. It's the perfect toothbrush.

Favorite non electric toothbrush

I've tried other brands of sustainable toothbrushes and this one is my favorite! Handle just feels good in your hand and good weight. The floss tipped bristles are noticeable when brushing, in a good way. I love that you can replace the heads. Nada brush for life!

Nada Toothbrush
Michelle C.
I love my new toothbrush

I am really enjoying my new toothbrush. I like the soft bristles. They get in between my teeth and gums very nicely. I have had a hard time finding a toothbrush like this. Thank you for your product!

Loving our new brushes!

I recently ordered Nada brushes for my husband, 2 kids and myslef. We are all absolutely loving them! The weight of the handle is great, they look awesome and work well! We are very very happy with them and would recommend for anyone to give them a try! Feels wonderful knowing we are not adding to the ever growing plastic pollution problem!

Clean simple design just as advertised. Love the floss bristles!

The Nada system is the best toothbrush around. The handle is a nice weight and it's easy to change brush heads. The recycling of the brush heads is easy and makes Nada the most sustainable toothbrush on the market. 100% recommend!

Nada Toothbrush
Sherry K.

I'm q accustomed to a medium hardness toothbrush, these are really soft. I'm having a hard time adjusting.

Thanks for the feedback Sherry! We're making medium brush heads and they should be available soon.

Love it , easy to assemble and clean.

Such a great option!

I love my Nada toothbrush! it is comfortable in my hand, the replaceable brush is soft and so easy to change out when needed. Totally recommend

Got my partner to switch!

Love your brush and have had mine for close to a year. I finally convinced my partner to switch and because he destroys his brushes it makes me feel much better knowing we’re not contributing so much plastic waste! Thank you for what you do.

Love It!

Absolutely LOVE my NADA toothbrush, and so does my Mom, husband and son. Haven't tried returning the heads yet, but next month I'll be sending them in! Bought two more for Xmas gifts for other family members. Appreciate the softness of the bristles and they work fine, also love the balance of the handle. The toothbrush head stays in place until I release it. I recommend to everyone!

Very soft bristles. Nice tongue scrubber. Love the handle.

Was using quip oral care for about 5 years but wanted something more sustainable, simple, and less hassle (it was electric and required swapping out batteries).

Nada is such a fantastic replacement!! I checked out multiple other brands and I'm so happy I went with Nada. The materials are beautiful to look at and feel amazing to hold in my hand too. I was skeptical about the brush head design, but I'm okay with it now and love that I can brush my teeth again without worrying about battery life. The one thing I do miss is the 2 minute timer and I'm trying out different alternatives for that.

Nada Toothbrush
Laurel R.
Great "green" product

This product does something which my former EckoTech (sic) tooth brush with its replaceable head did not do. . .you can send that part of the toothbrush back to be recycled! Way to go, Nada!