Nada Toothbrush Reviews

🚨🚨 Please Note: Nada was previously called Grin toothbrush. Reviews referring to Grin are for the same product.


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Best toothbrush EVER!!!

I can’t believe how fantastic this brush is from the nice weight of the handle to the perfectly soft but dense bristles. It is just amazing - great brushing power and feels great!!!!

Nada Toothbrush
Stéphane G.
Simply a stupendous product!

Since I'm always looking at ways to cut my usage of disposable plastics, this Nada toothbrush caught my attention with its pitch as being 100% recyclable. My only concern was the softness of the bristles. Side note here; I have had four gum griefs in the past two years. Based on my history of using hard brushes and having been provided very soft brushes for the gum griefs, I give 10 star out of 5 to these bristles. I just wish I would have used these types of bristles many years ago. Cheers.

Everyone should get a nada toothbrush!

These toothbrushes are great to use. The bristles are the perfect stiffness (not too stiff or too soft). They do a great job of cleaning your teeth. And with the added bonus of being fully recyclable, there should be no question about getting one.


Happy with a Toothbrush.

J'aime beaucoup cette brosse a dent nada es très pratique et très écologique
Merci à ce vendeur

Nada Toothbrush
Brenda C.
Awesome toothbrush

Who knew you could get excited about a toothbrush! This is a great product- exactly as advertised. Lightweight, soft bristles.and so easy to clean the handle. I highly recommend Nada!!!


Soft bristles, but that's what I've always used.

Nada Toothbrush
kandyce A.
Love love

I bought the family all one to try out, quality is great love the weight of the handle, bristles we all love soft but you can feel them get in between your teeth this is key for me and my husband as we have that metal retainer bar. My little one loves that we all have matching toothbrushes, and that there is a little one just for him, he gets excited to get our family brush on

Nada Toothbrush
Kelley E.
Love this soft bristle toothbrush

I love that this toothbrush is environmentally friendly AND has soft bristles. I have tried several eco friendly toothbrushes over the past few months but they have all been too hard and hurt to use them. This toothbrush is soft enough to be comfortable but still cleans great.

All the good things!

I love this toothbrush. It's gentle on the earth and my teeth and gums. I got a pink handle and it's beautiful! My plan is to order all the colors and give them for gifts.The return envelope makes it all so easy! Thanks for creating a great product.

Nada Toothbrush
Tamara D.
Just love it

Love the design, the functionality, sustainability, brush is soft, everything great!


First, wonderful idea!! Every little thing to be green and make a difference with the earth.
The toothbrush is high quality, love the fine bristles, love the short, recyclable, easy to remove and replace and the aluminum handle is great.

Like the brush delivery stinks

It took a REALLY long time for the brush to be shipped to me-disappointing -already dreading reordering heads

Brush and heads seem great. Liking it so far to use. Great bristles on brush head

Hi John,

I apologize for the slow delivery. We had some issues getting our inventory after a surprisingly good launch in the US. We usually ship same or next day, so you won't have to wait for the brush heads that long. Thanks!

Sweet idea

Bought two one for tlmy wife. We both loved the idea, and love the product.

Beautifully designed.

Best and most sensible toothbrush on the market.

I am a fanatic about my teeth. Floss, water pick, brushing, every day. The thought of tossing out a piece of plastic every month was abhorrent. Along comes Nada…. The design and concept is perfect. A really, REALLY good toothbrush and an environmental stroke of genius. Replace the head, like you would a razor, but don’t toss the handle, too. Like I said, a great toothbrush all around.

Nada Toothbrush
Monique U.
Best toothbrush ever!

I have tried a lot of toothbrushes in my day. I have sensitivity and receding gums. It’s tough to find brushes that do the job, but don’t damage my gums. This toothbrush does both amazingly! Plus if a toothbrush could be described as beautiful this would be the one. Love everything about it! AND environmentally friendly, it’s a win all around.

Fantastic toothbrush!!

This is a really good toothbrush AND good for the environment. Had to wait for the colour handle that I wanted to be back in stock but was gifted 4 replacement heads!!! I hope I will always be able to purchase these. The bristles are perfect and my teeth feel really clean after.

Christmas Presents

Sorry but I can't review other than they look and feel great! These are stocking stuffers for my family!


the quality and service are top notch.
the bristles are softer than i’m used to but they do the job.


I love the look and feel of the whole tooth brush and the brush itself is really great. It’s soft but allows for good cleaning.
Absolutely love the idea of far less waste. I’ll never go back to regular tooth brushes!

Love this brush, teeth feel so clean after using it!! Five star ⭐️

feel socially responsible

at least going in that direction with my new toothbrush. Thank you fo designing such a sleek beautiful design in many colors. I am excited to only waste 1/2 of he toothbrush, and that you will recycle it for me. now to find toothpaste!

Nada Toothbrush
Jacque L.
Great concept but not right for me

I love how eco-responsible this product is, but the design is not right for me. The handle is too heavy for the size/weight of the brush tip, and it's difficult to maneuver on my mouth. Also, the brush is too narrow, the bristles arent right, and my teeth did not feel clean after brushing!😕

Best Toothbrush EVER

So many things to like! Bought it for the "green" element and also because it stated that it would STAY UPRIGHT and not roll over when set down on the sink. First, the fact that it does the latter is AMAZING! How many times I am trying to squeeze out the last little bit of toothpaste and I am fighting to keep the toothbrush upright! Anyway, probably the claim that was made that intrigued me and I doubted has the most impact. The bristles really do act like a floss. I have noticed my teeth being much much cleaner between the teeth and along the gum line within just a few brushes. I think overall, I will never use another brush! I am planning on getting these as Christmas presents for all of my environmentally conscious friends!