Shipping your Nada Toothbrush – Sustainability vs. Speed

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In developing Nada, the goal was to make the world’s most environmentally friendly toothbrush. One big challenge? Shipping. 

TL;DR – Your Nada order can take a long time to arrive compared to express shipping. That’s because we ship using standard letter mail, which is slower but much better for the planet than express shipping. It also costs a lot less, so everyone wins.

Making the world’s most eco friendly toothbrush might sound a bit lofty, but it's our mission and we take it very seriously.

One of my early concerns while designing Nada was shipping: how do we make a toothbrush sustainable if shipping offsets all the environmental benefits? 

There were a few things to consider; packaging and the shipping itself. Let’s start with shipping since it’s what this blog is about.

Eco-friendly Shipping

By using letter mail (Canada Post), your order piggy backs with the postman, who is delivering mail every day anyway. There are no extra emissions because of this. Because we aren’t using express shipping, we’re not having a truck go out of the way to drop off your order.

Here’s a surprising fact:

MIT did a study in the US comparing shopping at a brick and mortar store to e-commerce. It’s a bit dry, but the conclusion is this: online shopping using non-express delivery is actually better for the planet than going to a store.

So while your Nada toothbrush might take a bit longer than the 2 – 4 days that Canada Post promises, the wait is hopefully worth it. We appreciate your patience and the planet does too!

Paper Packaging

Nada toothbrushes are packaged in paper boxes that are 100% recyclable. There is zero plastic in any of our product or shipping packaging.

Also, we designed our boxes to use as little paper as possible. Our shipping envelopes are made with recycled kraft paper and filled with shredded paper waste.

Our next step will be biodegradable packaging for e-commerce. As with our toothbrush design, we are constantly seeking more eco-friendly materials to lessen our environmental impact.


Thanks for reading!


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