Nada Toothbrush Reviews

🚨🚨 Please Note: Nada was previously called Grin toothbrush. Reviews referring to Grin are for the same product.


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Nada Toothbrush
Carolyn M.
5*all the way!

Decently soft bristles, which makes my dentist happy as I’ve been told I scrub too hard. So very pleased I’ve gone Nada to keep the hippie in me happy(ier) about making deliberate decisions to reduce my waste while keeping it looking cool. Thanks Nada!

Great toothbrush for reasonable price

I started using this toothbrush about a year ago and I have to say I will never go back to the plastic ones. Not only it’s gentle on your teeth but it also has amazing ergonomic handle design. You can just replace the top part every 3 months and send the old ones back. Very happy with my purchase! Will continue to support :D

I love this!

I bought this mostly to give me some motivation to get back to proper oral hygiene after being severely depressed for a very long time. I used to buy only hard bristle brushes because it made my teeth feel cleaner than soft bristles did, but i got these so it would be less rough on my enamel and gums and i was surprised by how soft it was and how clean my teeth felt, almost like i polished them, I’m definitely pleased with this purchase and recommend it if you want to be a bit more eco friendly

Super soft bristles!

Love my new toothbrush! The bristles are extra soft, which I prefer. The handle is comfy to hold and the colour is great!

I love my Nada toothbrush!

It is brilliant that there is no waste with this toothbrush. I have always wondered why no one had invented a toothbrush that could be reused. And now someone has.

Unfortunately I cannot find any friends who want to buy one, so that I can participate in the free heads program.

Nonetheless, I love it!

Thanks for making something that is environmentally friendly!

Nada Toothbrush
Vanessa B.
Great Toothbrush!

I am loving my Nada toothbrush. The handle feels sturdy and is comfortable to hold. The bristles are very soft and have a bit of a different feel than I'm used to, but work great and are very comfortable.
I can't wait for a kids' version so I can order 3 more for my little ones!

Nada Toothbrush
Patricia H.
Great product

Love the new design with one post. Much stronger and doesn't come apart as the grin did. Really like the tongue scraper. Works well. Very happy with my purchase.

Nada Toothbrush
Audrey L.
J'adore !

J'adore ma nouvelle brosse à dent! C'est un excellent choix écologique et la tête de brosse est parfaite pour nettoyer les dents derrière et la langue! J'aime vraiment mieux tenir le manche en aluminium que les modèles en bambou/bois! Elle se nettoie très facilement et reste propre!

Great product!

I’ve tried a few other more eco friendly toothbrushes and nothing has even come close to Nada! Feels solid, stays build up free, works really well and looks good, too!

Will reorder

Love how soft the bristles are. I’ll use this toothbrush for life if they keep making heads :)

Best tooth brush

It feels so great to even be doing the little things to protect the environment. Love the handle and the brush heads. Bristles are so soft and don’t hurt my teeth, the tongue scrubber on the back is an added bonus. Will never go back to traditional toothbrushes!!

Very happy

Our family switched to these toothbrushes a month ago and we love them.
A long-lasting aluminum handle, replaceable soft heads that get recycled by the manufacturer, and that warm feeling of saving the planet while you save your teeth ... priceless!


I love my grin toothbrush and the heads are easy to replace, stay on.

Easy and awesome

I’ve been searching for years for a toothbrush that works for the planet and me. I found it. The whole brush is great, easy to hold, easy to travel with. The head is sturdy and functional. The bristles are both soft but strong enough to clean. Highly recommend.

Best toothbrush ever!

I have had a lot of trouble finding a brush that is gentle on my sensitive teeth but also does a good job cleaning at the gum line. I think this one checks all the boxes plus it can be recycled which is very important to me.

Good for the planet

Less plastic

Fo real buy it. No Bs

This toothbrush is awesome, soft and durable. I was a bit concerned about how tough it might be but my gums love it and my wife loves it too. Seriously the aluminum feels really nice.


I love these toothbrushes! They are soft, easy to install into the handle and it has a good weight to it. I'm loving the new tongue scraper addition to the head. Stop reading this and just get it - you know you want it!

Love This Toothbrush

I like everything about Grin toothbrushes. They are great quality (well designed and well made), keep my teeth clean, and are less wasteful than buying plastic brushes wrapped in plastic packaging. I’ve owned my brush for just over a year now and still enjoy having it.

I love the upgrade!!

I was already in love with the Grin toothbrush and when I tried to order my brush head replacements, I was surprised to see that Grin is now Nada.

The new models have a tongue cleaner and that's all it took to convince me to replace mine and my husband's Grin brushes with Nada. These toothbrushes are a much better, environmentally conscious choice and the best part is that my dentist is surprised by how well the toothbrush cleans. You've found a loyal customer in me, Nada :D

We are Grinning!

My ten year old noticed one of the careful design features: when you rest your Grin toothbrush on the counter, the head of the brush doesn't touch the surface of the counter! This is the kind of careful thought that has gone into the design. Our whole family now use this great brush. Great design for function and for the environment; awesome customer service.

I'm Grinning!

I am delighted with the Grin toothbrush. The handle is beautiful and has a lovely weight in the hand, but the best thing is the toothbrush head and bristles... I was really pleased with the size (on the smaller side, which I prefer) and texture of the bristles (soft, but resilient). When I use this brush I really feel that my teeth are getting a lovely polish, without it being scratchy in any way. For many years I had a plastic toothbrush with replaceable heads, but it was a design that was much harder to keep clean over the long term. I recently tried bamboo toothbrushes, but the bristles came out in my mouth. Our whole family now has Grin brushes and we all like them. I also appreciate the EXCELLENT customer service of the Nada company. Any issues? Nada!


Having gone through almost 2 years of discomfort wearing Invisalign’s I appreciate how gentle & thorough the bristles are.

Great environmental solution

Great brush heads. Not too hard or soft. Handles and comfortable and sleek. Super pleased that we’ve been able to make a change. Even a small one.

Excellent Idea

Great idea to reduce plastic. It will also be a reminder to me to change the head of the brush more frequently.