Nada Toothbrush Reviews

🚨🚨 Please Note: Nada was previously called Grin toothbrush. Reviews referring to Grin are for the same product.


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Love This Toothbrush

I like everything about Grin toothbrushes. They are great quality (well designed and well made), keep my teeth clean, and are less wasteful than buying plastic brushes wrapped in plastic packaging. I’ve owned my brush for just over a year now and still enjoy having it.

I love the upgrade!!

I was already in love with the Grin toothbrush and when I tried to order my brush head replacements, I was surprised to see that Grin is now Nada.

The new models have a tongue cleaner and that's all it took to convince me to replace mine and my husband's Grin brushes with Nada. These toothbrushes are a much better, environmentally conscious choice and the best part is that my dentist is surprised by how well the toothbrush cleans. You've found a loyal customer in me, Nada :D

We are Grinning!

My ten year old noticed one of the careful design features: when you rest your Grin toothbrush on the counter, the head of the brush doesn't touch the surface of the counter! This is the kind of careful thought that has gone into the design. Our whole family now use this great brush. Great design for function and for the environment; awesome customer service.

I'm Grinning!

I am delighted with the Grin toothbrush. The handle is beautiful and has a lovely weight in the hand, but the best thing is the toothbrush head and bristles... I was really pleased with the size (on the smaller side, which I prefer) and texture of the bristles (soft, but resilient). When I use this brush I really feel that my teeth are getting a lovely polish, without it being scratchy in any way. For many years I had a plastic toothbrush with replaceable heads, but it was a design that was much harder to keep clean over the long term. I recently tried bamboo toothbrushes, but the bristles came out in my mouth. Our whole family now has Grin brushes and we all like them. I also appreciate the EXCELLENT customer service of the Nada company. Any issues? Nada!


Having gone through almost 2 years of discomfort wearing Invisalign’s I appreciate how gentle & thorough the bristles are.

Great environmental solution

Great brush heads. Not too hard or soft. Handles and comfortable and sleek. Super pleased that we’ve been able to make a change. Even a small one.

Excellent Idea

Great idea to reduce plastic. It will also be a reminder to me to change the head of the brush more frequently.

Love it

The bristles are just right - soft on the gums but strong enough to clean well. Great concept and I'll be a customer for life :)

Highly recommend!

I bought the Grin toothbrush about 2 months ago and the first head is still working great! I can't think of any reasons as to why someone wouldn't want to make the switch: it's sleek and the nicest looking toothbrush available, it's easy to clean, the bristles are soft, the brush is nice and wide... I could go on! After about a month of trial I bought another one for my partner and I will be gifting many this holiday season as it is the perfect stocking stuffer.

Thank you to this local company for putting us one step further in eliminating plastic waste.

Grin Toothbrush
A perfect clean and beautiful design

I am the proud owner of not one, but two Grin toothbrushes. Just ordered a second one for traveling. The bristles are the perfect degree of softness, the environmental benefit couldn't be better, and I have to admit I love the colour and the shiny yet matte finish. The perfect toothbrush!

Great Product! I am done with store brands

Very Happy with product and that it allows my family to reduce our plastic waste.

My Forever Toothbrush

I am so pleased with my grin toothbrush as it made sustainability easy. All the shipping and packaging materials are recyclable, the toothbrush works great, and as a bonus, it doesn't feel any different than a normal toothbrush.

Happy to be part of this :)

I wasn't sure what to expect at first but I knew I wanted to help the environment and support Canadian companies. Even better was that this is an Ontario company as well. The program and brushes have exceeded my expectations and I try to avocate for Grin all the time.

No complaints

Purchased the replacement heads for my grin toothbrush. Love the soft bristles. Also love the tiny environmentally friendly shipping box

Grin Toothbrush
Patricia H.
Great product

This toothbrush really surprised me. I normally use a medium bristle brush and was skeptical if a soft brush would make my teeth feel clean. Because of the density of the brush it does an even better job. I love the replaceable brush and reducing waste into landfill. I have and would recommend this brush. Very pleased.

So pleased

Love this brush. It's flat instead of round so it doesn't slip around in your hand. The bristles are just the right amount of soft. Tried the bamboo brushes, but yuck. Felt so awful in my mouth. These are perfect! Thank you so much! Now I can brush without feeling guilty! :)


Excellent product. Fast arrival. Standing up well to twice-daily use. Nice and soft on the gums.

High class service

Grin makes you smile, they care, they assure a quality service with follow up, full cycle recycling and availability for customers.

I like them :)

Always arrive in a timely manner, &now that I can also send my toothbrush heads back to be recycled by Grin themselves has made the recycling process that much easier. They've really made going green easy for their customers. You get to do so stylishly (I love my rose gold toothbrush handle) and without compromising any of your habits.

Love em

We've (my husband and myself) had our toothbrushes for a couple years now and we love em... no waste cuz you can return the heads for recycling a big plus and they are just the best toothbrush we've ever had.... and with the auto replacement head subscription it's a no brainer... we're lifers!!!!

Grin Toothbrush
Bronwen E.
Buying them for my family now

I love my Grin brush and have been using it since I started using it last year I am now buying them for the rest of my family.

Grin Toothbrush
sylvia b.
Recycle heads

The new colour of my toothbrush is great. I love that I don’t put plastic into the system and am happy to recycle the head every time that I get a reminder Excellent service

Grin Toothbrush
Kandice N.
Awesome alternative!

Grin toothbrush is an awesome alternative to regular toothbrushes! Help save landfill waste and feels like a normal toothbrush. I highly recommend!

Awesome product

I love grin brush :)) would recommend to anyone. Good quality and good for the earth!

Best. Toothbrushes. EVER!

I was skeptical when I ordered our first Grin Toothbrush handles and heads. I brush my teeth 3 times a day and I am hard on my brush heads (I am gong to be 50 years old this year and I have never had a cavity!). With high-end disposable toothbrushes, I need to replace them every month because the bristles get quickly worn out and splayed, so when I read that Grin recommends changing them every 3 months, I thought, "Yeah, right!" Well, I am thrilled to say that after 3 months of use, my Grin Toothbrush heads are only just beginning to show signs of wear, and barely. The toothbrush base handles are attractive and comfortable to hold, and I love that I can replace the heads every 3 months. I love that I can help the environment by not adding a disposable toothbrush to our landfill every month AND I am saving money!