Nada Toothbrush Reviews

🚨🚨 Please Note: Nada was previously called Grin toothbrush. Reviews referring to Grin are for the same product.


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Nada Toothbrush
Andrea B.
Love it!

I’ve been on the search for years for a sustainable toothbrush. I have finally found it. Ta da with Nada!

NADA model a good upgrade

I purchased the original GRIN model for all the reasons that a person would even be interested in this option for dental care. Ethically, I was happy enough with my purchase but found that - as an (at times) whiskery-type of person, the gap between the handle and the brush head would snag my whiskers and pinch. I adjusted, but - still pinches.
NADA fixes all that (so far - 4 weeks in) and feels much more secure at the join. No whisker pinches (again, so far). Despite having now a less-than-useful GRIN handle, I feel that NADA was a worthwhile upgrade that works the way I hoped the GRIN had. The GRIN handle will now become a tiny art installation in the pot of some cactus. It will, of course, outlast the cactus and me both.

Very nice!

I like the feel of holding the toothbrush handle and the bristles feel great in the mouth. I’m very happy with this toothbrush!

Exceeded Expectations

I was excited to give these a try, the idea behind it is great and I was hoping to at least appreciate the experience. In reality, I love it and I'm never looking back. I also got one for each family member, and they too use it exclusively. The design is fantastic, it really feels like a premium experience, but without the guilt of harming the environment. My favourite part is the weight and balance of the handle. It's all incredibly affordable and easy too, I'm excitedly counting down the days I can send my brush tops back for recycling. Knowing it's a local Canadian company is also always a huge plus. I highly recommend this to anyone who is on the fence. At least give it a try, you will not regret it.

So soft. So smart

We love our new Nada toothbrushes!

I think how soft they are is such a plus (on top of the obvious environmental benefits which sold us on the product). I always remember my dentist showing me how little pressure we should be using when we brush. I was so surprised.

So... thanks for reinforcing good brushing habits.

Nada Toothbrush
Danica A.

Absolutely love this. So soft compared to other brushes. And with my sensitive teeth, this is a Godsend.
Thank you ❣️

Nada Toothbrush
Love this toothbrush

Really pleased with this toothbrush. The handle has a nice weight and I love the fact that the ENTIRE head is recyclable with the return program.

Happily Brushing!

Like my toothbrush and happy to be doing anything I can for the environment.

Works a treat.

Great feeling handle and a nice upgrade from the grin head.

Give it to Nada!

First, I'm a medium bristle toothbrush person even though it's probably not the best for me. When I opened my Nada and felt the bristles, I wondered if I didn't make a mistake. It's been about 3 weeks and no, this was a smart decision. I love my Nada toothbrush, soft bristles and all. I love how sleek the handle is and the colour is beautiful. All these and I'm taking care of the environment.
P.S. the built-in tongue scraper is genius.

Amazing toothbrush

Loving my new toothbrush while helping the environment. I bought two but before I could put the second one away for travelling, my daughter decided she wanted to use it! She also really likes it. I hope more people will join the revolution.

Quality, environmentally responsible toothbrush

This feels like the Rolls Royce of toothbrushes, with its no-nonsense, metal handle and replaceable heads. No gimmicky ridges or strange curves that serve no purpose. Similarly, the heads have quality, soft bristles that leave my teeth feeling smoother than regular toothbrushes.

My only quibble would be that the heads have a plastic tongue scraper that catches on my upper teeth while brushing. It would be nice if Nada also offered heads without the tongue scraper.

The best brush

I love Nada! Am always looking for ways to reduce waste, so was all for this. Bristles are ultra thin at the tip, which I look for in a brush. Heads are easy to change out and handles don't get gross since there are no ridges. Recommend

Great product!

Love this toothbrush! Soft bristles, comfortable handle and good for the environment.

Best toothbrush EVER

I recently purchased a Nada toothbrush. After having tried other replaceable-head toothbrushes with various levels of success, I am thrilled to report that Nada exceeded my expectations. Its smooth metal handle feels great in the hand, the length is perfect and the head is just soft enough to be gentle, yet do a great job. The fact that the company takes back the heads to recycle them was one of the selling features for me. This is a purchase that helps the environment while providing the user with excellent value. I would highly recommend it!

Great product! Great customer service!

I am very happy with my Nada Toothbrush. The whole experience has been wonderful. From the beginning, I loved that I got to pick a colour that I gelt excited to get in the mail. When I reached out to the team about an error I had made in my order they were quick to respond and offer a solution and friendly and approachable along the way. When the product arrived I was even more excited about this purchase and commitment. The bristles were softer than I’m used to, but I was happily surprised to realize get the job done thoroughly! I am so happy with this product and am already creating a list of who to gift it to for the holidays! Thanks Nada! Well done!

Doing it right

My Nada toothbrush does a good job of brushing my teeth and keeps our environment that much cleaner, too.

Love my toothbrush!

I have used Grin for several years now and love it! I now have all my family using Grin after giving them as presents last year and have pledged to keep them in brush heads! Thanks Grin for these great brushes!

Nada Toothbrush
Love it!

I love my Nada toothbrush. The bristles are gentle, AND effective. I get a way better clean than with my old, disposable toothbrush. And I love the metal handle. So sturdy, and I can clean it! No gross nooks and crannies.

Nada Toothbrush
Carolyn M.
5*all the way!

Decently soft bristles, which makes my dentist happy as I’ve been told I scrub too hard. So very pleased I’ve gone Nada to keep the hippie in me happy(ier) about making deliberate decisions to reduce my waste while keeping it looking cool. Thanks Nada!

Great toothbrush for reasonable price

I started using this toothbrush about a year ago and I have to say I will never go back to the plastic ones. Not only it’s gentle on your teeth but it also has amazing ergonomic handle design. You can just replace the top part every 3 months and send the old ones back. Very happy with my purchase! Will continue to support :D

I love this!

I bought this mostly to give me some motivation to get back to proper oral hygiene after being severely depressed for a very long time. I used to buy only hard bristle brushes because it made my teeth feel cleaner than soft bristles did, but i got these so it would be less rough on my enamel and gums and i was surprised by how soft it was and how clean my teeth felt, almost like i polished them, I’m definitely pleased with this purchase and recommend it if you want to be a bit more eco friendly

Super soft bristles!

Love my new toothbrush! The bristles are extra soft, which I prefer. The handle is comfy to hold and the colour is great!

I love my Nada toothbrush!

It is brilliant that there is no waste with this toothbrush. I have always wondered why no one had invented a toothbrush that could be reused. And now someone has.

Unfortunately I cannot find any friends who want to buy one, so that I can participate in the free heads program.

Nonetheless, I love it!

Thanks for making something that is environmentally friendly!

Nada Toothbrush
Vanessa B.
Great Toothbrush!

I am loving my Nada toothbrush. The handle feels sturdy and is comfortable to hold. The bristles are very soft and have a bit of a different feel than I'm used to, but work great and are very comfortable.
I can't wait for a kids' version so I can order 3 more for my little ones!