Nada Toothbrush Reviews

🚨🚨 Please Note: Nada was previously called Grin toothbrush. Reviews referring to Grin are for the same product.


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Nada Toothbrush
Malcolm M.
at last a solution for pollution

love the aluminum handle and the brush head works great amazing job people keep up the good work

Toothbrush heads

Simon was very helpful with my mixed order. awaiting the new new handle. thanks

Nada Toothbrush
Tamara M.
Best toothbrush I’ve used

I love my Nada tooth brush. I love that I’m not contributing to plastic waste. I love the tapered bristles and I absolutely love the tongue scraper. I had never used one before but it’s a total game changer.

very affordable

I've been using Nada for almost a year now and I'm very satisfied with it. The handle has a nice clean design that feels modern but not out of place. The heads themself have soft bristles that feel very good on your teeth and gums. The built-in tongue scraper is a nice touch as well.

Pleasantly surprised

Other than being a far more sustainable option I wasn't sure this would work better than a regular plastic brush. But I was pleasantly surprised - the handle has a really nice weight to it and even though it's a soft head it cleans really effectively. I also love that the heads will be recycled.

Love it

Love the soft brush and the good job it dies

Love it!

I am in love with this toothbrush! I need soft bristles, and this toothbrush has the SOFTEST bristles I have ever used. The handle feels great when using it as well. I have been using bamboo toothbrushes for a while, but the full loop circle recycling program had me at hello! I am very impressed, and plan to buy for my whole household!! I’ve also told all my friends. Well done Nada

I love this toothbrush!

I love the handle, the weight of it is perfect, and the design is very comfortable. The bristles are nice and soft, exactly what I like. Knowing that this awesome brush is environmentally friendly make is perfect! I highly recommend it! It arrived fast, and they included an envelope to send back the brushes for recycling. Super easy! 5 stars for sure! 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Soft and comfortable

I am impressed with how soft the brush head is on my new NADA toothbrush. I have gum recession and need a soft brush. Some feel soft but don’t clean well but Nada does both. The bristles seem to do a good job of getting between the teeth. I love the idea of not throwing away the brush handle and being able to return the brush heads for recycling. And the tongue scraper on the back side of the head is genius.

Very pleased

So far, very pleased with my Nada toothbrush. The handle feels great in my hand, easy to use, and stays upright once the toothpaste is on! The bristles of the head are soft, and easy on my teeth. Would recommend.

Love it!

I've been waiting for the kid's toothbrush to come out for months and it's finally here! Bought it as soon as we found out. It's perfect for our 2 year old. Not too heavy, but very sturdy and the bristles don't flatten too easily when he decides to chew on it. I've already recommended to friends and if I weren't an electric toothbrush user myself, I'd make the switch from disposables too!

Nada Toothbrush
Stephanie A.
Nada toothbrushes

Love everything about these toothbrushes. The heads are very soft - I thought I finally found the right softness with charcoal brushes but these are even better. These are very good for your gums. The rest of the brush is just a real bonus. Solid handles that are comfortable. So happy that the heads are recycled and it is such a reasonable price. I can't believe I didn't know about these until now.

Love not having to throw away disposable toothbrushes

This is a very attractive, sturdy toothbrush, with nice soft bristles. I bought the brush because I hate the waste of disposal brushes, but was pleased to find out how much I liked it! I love the colors and the metal handle seems like it will last forever.

Surprisingly superior clean

We replaced the whole family’s toothbrushes with Nada’s. I love the colours and the heft of the handles, but was surprised by how much cleaner my teeth felt after brushing with these soft bristles. So I’m pleased that the environmentally superior choice is also a superior product. AND it’s not more expensive! Win-win-win.

Nada Toothbrush
Kenneth C.
Super tooth brush

The brush is so soft and gentle. No more bleeding gums. No other tooth brush for me.
My wife order the same tooth brush and loves the Nada brush.

Great value

This item is excellent for the environment as there's less waste. Also priced perfectly. Everyone in the family will have one soon, as I'll he ordering more. Thank you.

Nada Toothbrush
Melanie G.
Great Canadian product

I have been using my brush for about 3 weeks now. I really love the sturdiness of the handle and the quality of the bristles. Very happy and have recommended to many friends & family.

Loving it

Just broke out the Nada toothbrush. Soft brush head that Is gentle on my gums. Kept running my tongue over my teeth after I finished - they felt so clean!!

Very nice

Nice toothbrush, very soft and looks very durable. Love it

Love it!

I'm really liking my Nada toothbrush. It has a nice weight to it, I like the soft bristles and the pink colour I chose! I did have to get used to it, the steel handle can be a bit slippery. Although I love the look of the sleek steel handle, my one suggestion would be to "rough" up the handle so it it's not as slippery.

Nada Toothbrush
Brianne W.
Pro-activism :-)

I really appreciate how Nada takes a proactive approach by personally recycling their product and enabling the customer to easily return the toothbrush heads when they’re done with them.

Nice toothbrush

Love the concept and the cool handle … would be interested to know if perhaps there is an option for a stiffer brush? I typically like to use a Medium brush and find this one a bit soft. But I still like and use it!

Softer than commercial brush

I love the fact that it is softer than the "soft" commercial brushes. The brush that is often given out by dentist hardens overtime, but not this one. I actually went for a cleaning today and told my dental hygienist about it. I also like that you are a local company here in southern Ontario.

LOVE my new Nada Toothbrush

I absolutely LOVE my new Nada Toothbrush and the idea of no more waste let alone the recycling program and offsets! It’s a no brainer and a win/win for me and the environment. I just purchased a kids Dinosaur stand for my youngest grandson and can’t wait for him to use it next sleepover!

Nada Toothbrush
Nicole T.
Happy gums

My teeth and my gums love the soft head on my new Nada toothbrush.
Fantastic that it’s better for the environment too! Win win!!!