Happy Teeth, Happy Planet

Keep the metal handle. Return the brush heads to be 100% recycled.

Over 3 billion disposable toothbrushes are thrown out every year. So we made Nada — the sustainable toothbrush people love.

Nada toothbrush is a zero plastic waste eco friendly toothbrush
Zero Waste
Nada toothbrush features a hygienic handle and brush head design
Nada toothbrush includes convenient free shipping to your home
Nada toothbrush is an affordable sustainable toothbrush
Nada toothbrush comes with a recycling program for our replacement toothbrush heads
We Recycle
Made for life, not landfill

Ditch the disposable. Switch to Nada—an aluminum handle you keep, and toothbrush heads we recycle.

“Five-star all the way!” – Carolyn M.
Clean teeth start with a clean toothbrush

Nada rinses clean, lays flat and won’t roll over. Hello clean teeth, so long bathroom yuckies.

“I love my Nada toothbrush!” – Carol T.
Less shopping, more smiling

Cross toothbrush off your list—forever. We deliver fresh brush heads every year and remind you to replace them every 3 months.

“I’ve tried a few other more eco friendly toothbrushes and nothing has even come close to Nada!” – Liz C.
Save money and the planet

Starting at just $3 per brush head with free shipping, Nada costs less for you (and mother earth).

What’s it cost?

Get Started

Get a beautiful aluminum handle and 3 premium brush heads—enough to keep your smile fresh for 9 months.

Make the Switch
Keep Grinning

Subscribe and get 4 fresh brush heads delivered to your door every year. Your dentist and the planet will love you.

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Sustainable Nada toothbrush handles and replacement brush heads on a counter
“I’ve been searching for years for a toothbrush that works for the planet and me. I found it. ”
Woman's hand holding 4 Nada eco-friendly toothbrushes
Woman's hand holding a pack of 4 Nada replacement toothbrush heads
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Refer 4 friends and get a year’s supply of brush heads for free
Lifetime Warranty

We make Nada to last for life. Have a problem? We’re here for you.

Free Shipping

You don’t have to pay for shipping because we do. That’s love.

Nada Guarantee

Don’t love your toothbrush? We’ll give you a refund within the first 100 days.

Nada founders Simon Cooper and Thomas Alexandre

Meet the Founders

Simon and Thomas are on a mission to rid the world of disposable toothbrushes, one smile at a time.