Grin Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads
Grin Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads

Grin Toothbrush Heads

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  • 100% Recyclable
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Starting as low as $3 each, Grin brush heads cost less than the average disposable toothbrush.

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Your mouth will thank you, and so will the planet 😁

What you get:

  • Soft tapered bristles, so you get a gentler and deeper clean
  • Brush heads are elevated, so they won’t touch dirty surfaces
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  • Lifetime Warranty

Recycling Program

Grin brush heads and bristles are 100% recyclable. Please return your used ones in the pre-addressed envelope included with your order. We send them to be recycled into plastic pellets ♻️ Learn More

We stand by our products. If you’re not completely satisfied with your order, contact us within 30 days and we’ll refund your money ☺️

Note: Grin toothbrushes and brush heads are not compatible with Nada.

Our Guarantee – If you have a problem with your toothbrush heads, we'll make it right.

Nada brush heads and bristles are 100% recyclable. Please return your used ones in the pre-addressed envelope included with your order. We send them to be recycled into plastic pellets. ♻️ Learn More

Customer Reviews

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Will reorder

Love how soft the bristles are. I’ll use this toothbrush for life if they keep making heads :)


I love my grin toothbrush and the heads are easy to replace, stay on.

Easy and awesome

I’ve been searching for years for a toothbrush that works for the planet and me. I found it. The whole brush is great, easy to hold, easy to travel with. The head is sturdy and functional. The bristles are both soft but strong enough to clean. Highly recommend.

Good for the planet

Less plastic

Love This Toothbrush

I like everything about Grin toothbrushes. They are great quality (well designed and well made), keep my teeth clean, and are less wasteful than buying plastic brushes wrapped in plastic packaging. I’ve owned my brush for just over a year now and still enjoy having it.

I'm Grinning!

I am delighted with the Grin toothbrush. The handle is beautiful and has a lovely weight in the hand, but the best thing is the toothbrush head and bristles... I was really pleased with the size (on the smaller side, which I prefer) and texture of the bristles (soft, but resilient). When I use this brush I really feel that my teeth are getting a lovely polish, without it being scratchy in any way. For many years I had a plastic toothbrush with replaceable heads, but it was a design that was much harder to keep clean over the long term. I recently tried bamboo toothbrushes, but the bristles came out in my mouth. Our whole family now has Grin brushes and we all like them. I also appreciate the EXCELLENT customer service of the Nada company. Any issues? Nada!


Having gone through almost 2 years of discomfort wearing Invisalign’s I appreciate how gentle & thorough the bristles are.

Great environmental solution

Great brush heads. Not too hard or soft. Handles and comfortable and sleek. Super pleased that we’ve been able to make a change. Even a small one.

Sarah H.
My Forever Toothbrush

I am so pleased with my grin toothbrush as it made sustainability easy. All the shipping and packaging materials are recyclable, the toothbrush works great, and as a bonus, it doesn't feel any different than a normal toothbrush.

Happy to be part of this :)

I wasn't sure what to expect at first but I knew I wanted to help the environment and support Canadian companies. Even better was that this is an Ontario company as well. The program and brushes have exceeded my expectations and I try to avocate for Grin all the time.

To date, our customers have prevented more than 70,000 disposable toothbrushes from ending up in our landfill or oceans.