Why we changed our name from Grin to Nada Toothbrush

Grin logo being replaced by the Nada toothbrush logo

Grin toothbrush is now called Nada?

Note: Nada toothbrushes and brush heads are not compatible with Grin. We will continue to sell Grin replacement toothbrush heads. You can find them here

What gives? After all, Grin is a great name for a toothbrush…

When I first started working on a sustainable toothbrush handle and replaceable brush heads, I jotted down exactly two name ideas. Before adding more, my wife walked by, peeked over my shoulder and said, “Grin is cute.”

Fast forward a few years and we’re planning to launch in the US. However a quick trademark search reveals the name Grin is taken by a company in New Zealand. Oh joy. 

After an insanely difficult name search we, along with feedback from our amazing customers, chose the name ‘Nada’.

Why Nada?

Nada is a Spanish word that roughly translates to “nothing". Since our goal is to make a toothbrush that has zero waste, this made perfect sense. It’s a word that sounds nice, is short, easy to spell, easy to remember and can be used for more products than a toothbrush (we have ambitions don’t you know).

We’re still selling Grin toothbrush heads and will continue to as long as customers need them. 

What is the difference between Grin and Nada?

The two designs are almost identical. The main change is the connection design. Nada has one pillar with a locking mechanism as opposed to the two pillars Grin used. 

The shape of the brush head is slightly different and Nada features an amazing tongue scraper, which works really well. 

Thanks for reading. If you’re interested in how we started, check out this blog post.

Thanks for helping us reduce plastic waste from disposable toothbrushes.

– Simon & Thomas



  • Cathy

    First, I’m glad that this is still your company, because I saw the ads on fb and thought that someone else was ripping off your design! I love my Grin toothbrush; I tried bamboo toothbrushes and I can’t stand the sensation of having a stick in my mouth.
    Second, I would like to echo the questions above about the subscription and whether my husband and I can expect to continue receiving the Grin replacement heads, or new handles if you switch over fully. Ours stay on just fine, and I’m happy we signed up.

  • Eva Cooper

    Congratulations! Love the new name, logo and the simplicity of an impacting product. Wishing you success and of course, making a difference in the world!

  • Cindy

    Congrats on the move forward. As a recurring Grin toothbrush member with a recent 4pack supply of brush heads that will last me about a year, I am wondering if my membership is transferable and will I receive Grin brush heads or be send Nada brush heads? What happens when the Grin brush head supply runs out and I need to get a new Nada handle to fit the Nada brush heads. Is the old Grin handle recyclable?… through you? Thanks in advance. Cheers!

  • Ke Hannah

    Does the Nada head stay on the handle any better?
    I have had several Grin toothbrushes with the head coming off whenever I brush.

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