Nada Trade Up Program

If you bought a Grin toothbrush and would like to trade up to a Nada toothbrush, we’re here for you.

Grin customers can upgrade to Nada toothbrushes and save 35% off the regular price. Simply use the discount code TRADEUP at checkout.

The Background Story

The reason we updated our toothbrush design was because a small number of Grin toothbrush handles were faulty.

Our goal is to reduce waste from disposable toothbrushes. However selling defective products creates waste—materials, time and most importantly, our customers patience and goodwill. 

We do not want any of our Grin customers to feel as though they have an inferior product. We stand behind our Grin toothbrushes and plan to continue selling replacement brush heads.

We ultimately want all our customers to love their toothbrushes.

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