Nada kids eco friendly blue toothbrush with replacement brush heads on a counter with toothpaste tablets

A Bamboo Toothbrush Alternative

Meet Nada—a premium toothbrush that is more sustainable than bamboo.

Bamboo toothbrushes are a much more sustainable alternative than wasteful disposables. But the first-ever scientific study found a more sustainable option.

All natural… except for the bristles

Almost all bamboo toothbrushes use some form of plastic bristles. So while the handle is compostable, the bristles last for centuries…

Bamboo toothbrushes
A wild boar
The only biodegradable bristles

The only truly compostable bristle option are sterilized boars hair. We would not feel good using animal hair.

“We have also shown bamboo toothbrushes are not the answer. Using them just stops land from being put to better use such as helping biodiversity, or in growing forests to offset carbon emissions.”

Dr Brett Duane, Lead Researcher and Associate Professor, Public Dental Health, Trinity College
The zero waste toothbrush

Nada is an aluminum handle you keep for life (hello less shipping) and brush heads we take back and have commercially recycled.

Green and Ocean Blue Sustainable Nada toothbrushes with recyclable toothbrush heads
Woman smiling using a Gold Nada toothbrush
A better brushing experience

Unlike bamboo, Nada’s sleek metal handle doesn’t accumulate old toothpaste and bacteria. And say goodbye to the mouthfeel of bamboo.

Less packaging, less shipping

Our brush heads are delivered in a tiny paper box, meaning less energy goes into making and shipping them. Simply return them for recycling in the paper envelope provided.

Nada 4 pack of recyclable replacement toothbrush heads

Nada Toothbrush

Regular price$19.99

1 Aluminum Handle + 3 Brush Heads


1 Aluminum Handle

Rinses clean—no toothpaste or bacteria buildup
• Lays flat—won’t roll over when you put it down
• Reduces plastic waste & infinitely recyclable

3 Replaceable Brush Heads

• Soft tapered bristles, for a gentler, deeper clean
• Elevated Brush heads won’t touch dirty surfaces
• Return to be 100% recycled

Nada brush heads and bristles are 100% recyclable. Please return your used ones in the pre-addressed envelope included with your order. We send them to be recycled into plastic pellets. ♻️ Learn More

Our Guarantee – If you’re not completely satisfied with your order, return it within 30 days and we’ll refund your money 😁. 

Lifetime Warranty – If you have a problem with your toothbrush, we'll make it right.

Dentist Approved

“Amazing toothbrush! I love the feel of the bristles and the design of the handle. I definitely recommend this product!”

–Dr. Paul Sirek, DDS

How Nada Works

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Grab a Nada

Order a Nada toothbrush in your fave colour. You’ll get a handle and 3 brush heads—enough for ~9 months.

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When it’s time for new brush heads subscribe and we’ll send you fresh refills every year.

Hygienist Approved

“I've been brushing with Nada for 6 months now and have since retired both my bamboo brush and Sonicare Diamondclean. My teeth have never felt this clean with any manual or electric brush!”

Kristen, Registered Dental Hygienist

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Kids Nada Toothbrush


Our Mission

is to eliminate dsiposable toothbrushes by offering a beautiful, sustainable and convenient new way to brush.

Soft Nada Toothbrush Heads

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Pack Size


Aluminum, which is light, durable, hygienic and infinitely recyclable without losing quality.

We use soft, premium quality, tapered, or ’floss-tip’ bristles. They are 17X pointier at the tip for a gentler and more effective clean.

We offer a 30-day, no hassle return policy. Don’t love it? Return it for a full refund—no questions asked.

Every order includes a self-addressed envelope. At the end of the year, mail us your used brush heads and we’ll have them recycled into plastic pellets.

Bamboo brush heads present the same problem as common bamboo toothbrushes; once the head decomposes, the tiny plastic bristles are released and will spend ages in landfills and waterways.